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Buffalo Express Taxi Service Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

 Yes we are.

Pre-entry testing will no longer be necessary for fully vaccinated travelers entering Canada by land, air, or water beginning April 1, 2022. ArriveCAN must still be used within 72 hours of your arrival in Canada.

Even if they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult, unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children 5 years of age and older must provide a valid pre-entry test result.

Children under the age of five do not need to be tested, regardless of their immunization status.

We will charge you only $95 to Niagara Falls Canada NO OTHER HIDDEN CHARGES and ONLY $80 USA side.

The distance between  Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY to Buffalo Downtown is 9.5 Miles and takes about 15 minutes, costs about 30$USD. 

Yes we do. We have many years of experience transporting customers across Canada.

The distance between Buffalo Niagara International Airport, Genesee Street, Cheektowaga, NY to Fort Erie, ON, Canada is 18.5 Miles and takes about 26 minutes depends on the Security check at Canada boarder. It costs about $85 USD.

Since June 2009, everyone from every country arriving in Canada by air, land and sea has needed a passport or equivalent travel document ( i.e. Green Card or NEXUS CARD). More info read here

Yes we do accept all major credit cards and if you wish, will provide you an instant receipt right a way.

Yes You can apply our Airport taxi coupon if you have one.

Yes we do accept monthly contract. Call us and we can arrange the monthly contract by charging you weekly or monthly whichever more suitable to you or to your company.

we suggest to book your Taxi a head of time, 3 up to 4 hours before you pick up time to guarantee your taxi reservation. You can book the taxi a week or two week in advance as well to reserve your taxi with 100% taxi availability.

No we charge only when the customers board on our taxi.  

No. we don’t charge waiting time up 15 minutes. That what makes us different and special from other companies in Buffalo. But the actual price was 30 USD for 30 minutes wait.

Yes you can cancel it any time but it would be more easier for us if you call us in advance and cancel the reservation. We will refund your many in Full if you cancel your taxi reservation.

To stop the spread of COVID-19, Buffalo Express Taxi takes responsibility for your safe travel, therefore we have followed the relevant precautionary guidelines issued by CDC. As part of this commitment Our drivers, will at all times be wearing protective face masks and we only request your cooperation and support. We have also provided our drivers with disinfectants to assist them clean the cars after every taxi ride.​ After each customer drop off, our taxi driver will clean the door handles, passenger seats, floor mats and any other surfaces that have had human contact. Please note, our taxi drivers are instructed to follow social distancing for your as well as their safety.​

We will charge you only 330$ to Toronto Canada NO OTHER HIDDEN CHARGES and ONLY 330$.

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Yes we do. All you have to do is call us or make reservation online for instance confirmation.

We drop off clients at customer’s choice. If you have a hotel booked, we will drop you off at your hotel, if not anywhere you like.

No we charge only one person. we charge PER CAR. So if you choose a VAN which is the same price, we charge per VAN.

Yes you can pay in advance using your credit card. 

The price will depend on the traffic on the road and how many stops you make but you can use this simple formula to calculate the taxi fare ( MILES X 3 ) + 4 = Fare for instance if you travel is about 6 miles, so you multiply 6×3 and you add 4 on the total amount THEREFORE 6×3 is 18 and add 4 on 18 and it comes 22. Most the cheapest and reliable way of taking our taxi is accepting our FLAT RATE/FIXED RATE so the price won’t go up during high traffic on the road or at the Canadian border.

Yes we do accept a flat rate. Suggest us a flat rate price and we might approve that. We are very reasonable.

Please call 716-435-6338 and describe the stuff you left in our Taxi, we might ask ID for security purpose before we hand the lost found property to you.

No we charge NO extra fees for pets however, the pets have to be placed in Pets Cages.

Yes we do. Feel free to call us and to find out our cheaper price if you plan to take our taxi to go out of town. We have no limitation on Mileage radius.

Yes we do hire but we hire only a person who owns a Taxi already. You bring your taxi and we will provide you a call/customers. 

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